A SaaS solution developed upon of the major retail improvement trends enhancing user experience.
PHYON enables an accelerated new customer sign up, easing sales through digital channels, making processes more user-friendly, efficient, reducing time and costs. Based on a technology that allows to address most user cases in different countries and markets, and to completely cover the customers’ journey: from the engagement to the signing.

Phygital Onboarding Solution

Customer experience

based on an integrated, digital KYC compliance solution

Entry gate

the orchestrator of best of breed technology through own and third parties' solutions


high front-end customization for smooth user experience


capable of capturing identities and any type of document

Enhance your onboarding performances

PHYON provides a lightweight and Omni-channel experience that grants end-users an easy and rapid access to identification technologies and processes, thereby delivering key features to organisations that have a goal to improve their customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

Live document acquisition

During the document acquisition process, the user is driven through the process employing prompt messages explaining in plain language the exact actions to undertake, step by step.

PHYON, once the user has enabled to access his/her device's camera, will open the connection to that and will guide the user during the acquisition phase.

PHYON automatically shoots and collects the image of the framed document

Video-self acquisition

PHYON implements the acquisition of the face of the applicant thanks to a "challenge-response" request, where the user is asked to smile in front of the camera.

Once the system detects the presence of a smiling face, a picture is automatically taken and collected.

This is then used in order to perform a face comparison between versus the picture present in the identity document acquired previously (e.g. Passport).

OCR and Data Entry

PHYON solution integrates the OCR modules into business processes and user interfaces.

The resulting customer experience then may take advantage of pre-filled forms, hastening application timings, and submitted information may be cross-checked against eventual additional documentation provided from the customer.


Many end-users will likely engage the application through desktop pc and laptops, which may or may not be equipped with a webcam (and such webcam may or may not provide a good enough performance in terms of resolution, focusing, etc…).

In order to address such potentially adverse environmental conditions our solution fully supports a "switch-to-mobile" action, through which the digital journey can be transferred from a desktop browser to a mobile session, so to take advantage of the typically higher performance camera present on mobile devices.

...and many more features

Select the process most suitable for your needs. Delivered as APIs.
CRIF process that includes: Switch-to-mobile, Document selection, Live document acquisition, File upload, Video-self acquisition, OCR and Data Entry, Download Data
CRIF process that includes: Switch-to-mobile, Live document acquisition, File upload, OCR and Data Entry, Download Data