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Use Hello crif to quickly test the integration of CRIF services. Create an account or log in to the CRIF developer portal, enable access to the service, download the SDK and integrate it into your product. You can easily try how to connect your product to the identity server via oauth and get the access tokens to authenticate calls to the hello crif service

Resources and advantages

SDK available in many programming languages easy to download and integrate.

Guided connection to the CRIF services network

Oauth authentication flows management through the identity server

The service



A simple container for reminders.

Create a showcase and set:

  • The name: a friendly name to identify your reminder
  • The validity interval: time range within which the reminder can be completed

You can also share your showcase with friends and colleagues by setting consents


The core of the hellocrif service

Reminder is the main unit on which hellocrif is based.
You can use a reminder to make a note or mark a list of things to give.

Create a reminder inside a showcase and set:

  • Relevance: specifies how relevant that single reminder is within a showcase 
  • Text: the content of your note.


Use consent to give friends and colleagues access to your showcases.
With consent you can decide who and in what way has access to your showcases.

The access methods are:

  • Reading: your friends can only see the showcase and reminders
  • Writing: in addition to seeing, they can also modify contents

Note: only the owner of the showcase (who created it) can modify the consents.

Let's start develop with Hello Crif
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Get started with this API; using the set of methods you can create a working sample