The toolbox for sales success
Margo API offers a unique set of registered companies data to support your business growth and CRM automation. Leverage the wide range of data packets available to access official information like employees and turnover data, company addresses, contacts and advanced analytics. Enhance your CRM and customer databases with the latest information to analyze markets, find new prospects and business opportunities.

Margo API at a glance

Data of 6M Italian companies updated daily

40+ Advanced Analytics and Indicators

Over 300 filters to select and clusterize companies

130+ data packets to access themed company data

Unleash the potential of your business, streamline the sales organization and automate manual processes

CRM automation

Integrate Margo data in your CRM to keep your database up-to-date with official registries and deliver relevant information to your sales team

Market analysis and AI

Connect your business intelligence systems to Margo and enrich your customer base data. Supercharge your AI models with new data.

Data enrichment and targeting

Create targeted company clusters by enriching your customer base data with the latest company information available

Better data on your leads

Enhance your sales campaigns with data that helps your commercial team evaluate companies and close deals faster


Discover new market niches and find the best prospects for your products, import them on your systems and get the sales started

Marketing analytics

Find companies that do international trade, innovate or have a high digital attitude. View turnover estimates of SME companies

Finance analytics

Select companies that have a high propensity to subscribe to different financial products and discover the seasonality of their financing needs

Onboarding and e-invoicing

Create frictionless sign-up forms for your B2B business and take advantage of Margo data to streamline administrative tasks

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Margo API
Margo API provides access to data on over 6M companies. The API features a flexible set of data packet to unlock information on company registries, financials, open data, marketing and finance analytics
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Margò Administration