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Unlocking the potential of your financial services
Build the future of your financial services leveraging on NEOS, to access a wide range of high quality financial data from banks across Europe, through a single API. You can deliver smart financial services and implement new customer experiences, unlocking potential to your business thanks to Open Banking.
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Access to Account and Strong Customer Authentication

Get a complete picture of your customers' finances. Use the account aggregation service to deliver more engaging and personalized experiences with access to a broad range of financial data.

Access to Account is the first step for the acquisition of the End User Consent, through a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which is regulated by PSD2. NEOS manages two types of consent:

  • One-Time: to get an instant financial evaluation of your customers;
  • Recurring: to monitor customer’s finances, also integrating money management applications such as Personal and Business Financial Management.

CRIF Categorization Engine

Based on Machine Learning and A.I., the NEOS categorization tool is the module that classifies, on CRIF Taxonomy basis, each transaction from all payment accounts in one of the expense or income categories.
The main features are:

  • Diversified Categorization (consumer/business)
  • Multi language management
  • Multiple providers dialect adaptive
  • Multiple currency management
  • Behaviours recognized
  • High accuracy (Avg 90%)

NEOS Score and KPIs

The NEOS Score is a creditworthiness score to measure the applicant predictive credit risk. It’s totally based on payment account information and on the categorization of the banking descriptions performed by CRIF proprietary algorithms and developed through advanced analytics techniques.

Consumer and Business customers can be also evaluated according to a set of predefined KPIs, financials and marketings, allowing different insights based on transactions categorization and credit risk indicators.

  • Developed at counterparty level to optimally manage multi-bank customers
  • High Gini Performance
  • Profiling applicants with a limited credit history, SMEs with no obligation to produce a financial statement, freelancers, etc..

Key Benefits

  • Automatic and instant profiling
  • Cost optimization (dynamic workflow)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Improved customer knowledge
  • Trend rising in worthy new2credit and new2country customers


Success Stories

Personal loan approval through digital channels

for a Tier 1 Italian Lender that has risk management requirements


Lack of a reliable and strong credit worthiness evaluation for new-to-credit subjects

Lack of a smooth digital experience to its final customer


  • Empowering the existing scoring model, by distinguishing the medium risk level
  • Improving the time to market, by ensuring an online result
  • Improving final customer digital profiling
  • Receiving market insight & feedback about usage and capacities of this new data asset

Recovery of rejected customers

for a credit cards & financial services issuer that needs to recover rejected online applications


  • Lack of a strong identification process about the low risk customers among the previously rejected portion of customers (SWAP IN)
  • Lack of an appropriate and effective credit worthiness evaluation


  • Increase in financial inclusion
  • Completeness of the information
  • Leverage new data sources avoiding implementation costs in the short term
Used APIs
The Power of the Crif Network. Delivered as APIs.
Crif PSD2 compliant service performing Access to Current Account data, data aggregation, data categorization and calculation of KPIs and Scores for augmented and faster business development.