CRIF Property Valuation
An integrated Workflow to safely outsource the management of Property Valuations
All elements are integrated into a structured workflow, making sure that all valuations are in line with the relevant standards. The entire process is constantly and closely monitored to guarantee the quality and value of the output. The workflow can be integrated into the operating and IT structure of the bank or financial institution, thus keeping organizational impacts to a minimum. The entire process can be outsourced to CRIF Property Valuation, reducing both management time and costs.

CRIF RES at a Glance

Property Comparables Database
of +1,3 MLN data

A nationwide network
of qualified, independent valuers

Compliance with
international valuation standards

Structured and integrated

CRIF Property Valuation Workflow


CRIF receives a request from the Lender


If required, CRIF can perform second level controls on the Reports, through the Audit office

Contact Center

CRIF contacts the client in order to arrange the property inspection


The Final Report is delivered to the Lender


The valuer performs an internal and external inspection of the property

Quality Control

The Report is submitted to the Quality Control office to ensure that the format and content are correct and compliant with CRIF quality standards 


Property Valuation Report

The Property Valuation Report drafted by the valuer contains the real market value of the property

A new efficient valuation process with PRISMA

  • Data Enrichment of the Property Valuation Report, with additional information such as the energy performance according to the EEMAP layout
  • Compliance to EBA 2020 Guidelines on various levels such as the identification and tracking of KPIs for the assessment of ESG elements related to collateral, the forward looking approach, the collection and monitoring of specific information by real estate segment
  • Efficient data exchange with banks, thanks to a dataset that is more responsive to the banks’ layouts
  • User-friendly valuation layout, to improve the comprehension of both the institution and consumers
  • Advanced API technology (Application Platform Interface) ensuring greater flexibility and modularity in the request for services
  • Reduction and elimination of reprocessing for incorrect data entry, to ensure that every request is processed even with incorrect data entry
  • Audit on previous valuations is provided by A2A integration, ensuring traceability and efficiency

CRIF Property Valuation
Integrated solutions for the management of reliable and impartial valuations of every type of property
PRISMA APIs provide access to Property Valuation services, allowing CRIF clients to request, monitor and retrieve property valuations for different types of properties.