Hello CRIF is a live working service created to facilitate the explanation in Crif services integration

Hello CRIF is a demo service to show you how to authenticate and use CRIF APIs.


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Personal Financial Manager
Create highly personalized Customer experience and exploit analytics potentials through data enrichment

Open banking made digital money management now the heart of digital banking, evolving into personal financial coaching that offers customers the guidance, advice they are seeking for.

PFM is an end to end proposition that leverages open banking to help:

  • Banks to increase loyalty and engagement of its Customers
  • Customers to easily manage and understand their finances
Together with
Business Financial Manager
Look out for your SMEs customers and help them grow.

Open banking made digital money management now the heart of digital banking, evolving into business financial coaching that offers SMEs and Freelancers the right advisor to seek his business goals.

BFM is an end to and proposition that leverages the open banking potential to provide:

  • banks the way to evolve digital channels
  • businesses an easy way to manage their finances
Together with

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Open Banking multi country solution to build a smart financial service

NEOS gives an instant credit worthiness evaluation through access to current account and scoring performance, enabling more informed decisions by keeping the same level of accepted risk. The CRIF Categorization Engine also offers a “Know Your Customer” use which will lead customers to new evaluations and business spread opportunities.

Enrich your CRM database with completed and updated company data

The Margo sales and marketing intelligence API is designed to provide access to a wide range of data on over 6M companies. The API features a flexible set of data packets to unlock information on company registries, financials, open data, marketing and finance analytics to keep your CRM database up-to-date.

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Exploit transactions data potential to enhance customer growth and improve the accuracy of affordability evaluations.

CATCH is designed to gain insights on your customer base by leveraging on the accounts and credit cards transaction data.
The solution automates the categorization of transaction data and consents to calculate and monitor KPIs based on:

  • Ready to use standard models
  • Custom and personalized models
CRIF Property Valuation
Integrated solutions for the management of reliable and impartial valuations of every type of property.

A solution to banks and financial institutions in line with the most rigorous valuation criteria recognized on an international level and in compliance with the current regulatory framework. Thanks to CRIF’s experience in developing solutions for the banking and financial world, and its expertise in the management of advanced databases, the services are now available on PRISMA, the innovative Platform for Real estate Integrated Services MAnagement based on advanced API technology.

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Phygital Onboarding solution to remotely identify your customers

PHYON ensures an optimal user journey, which can be adapted to the most common use cases in different countries and markets, improving the customer experience: from engagement to digital identity verification and signing of the contract.

Together with
IDentity Effective Analysis
The service for a fully compliant and automated KYC and AML process

The use of the CRIF solution enables the prevention of identity theft attempts and the anti-money laundering profiling, providing automated checks and reducing the margins of uncertainty and discretionary power of subjective assessments.
Integrated with the credit institutions' loan application processes and customer acquisition/monitoring processes, IDea performs checks within the vast information assets held by CRIF Group, and provides output as a report containing the outcome of the checks performed.
IDea Apis are modular and enable the institution to develop a process which meets its organizational and technical needs

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